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Our Vision

A world full of well nourished and healthy citizens who thrive!

Our Mission

We collaboratively develop and deploy innovative, female-focused, fish agri-food based solutions to improve millions of lives for good by focusing on the first 1,000 days of life.

Our Mission

Who We Are

NutriFish1000 is a collaborative, partnership-based initiative with an accompanying social enterprise platform to raise awareness and deploy solutions.

  • NutriFish1000 solutions boost dietary diversity and nutrition, public health and lifetime wealth –improving millions of young lives for good.  We focus on the first 1,000 days of life.

  • NutriFish1000 co-develops, aggregates and connects nutrition sensitive fish agri-food research and solutions to the market. This enables greater impact and scale. Sustainability (environment, social, financial) is at our core. 


  • NutriFish1000 is pioneering production and food technology in this space.  We provide global thought leadership on evidence, innovation and technology of nutrition-sensitive fish agri-food systems and solutions.

  • NutriFish1000 hosts the Aquatic Food Network (AFN), both initiatives inspired and co-created by members of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.  AFN identifies, convenes, amplifies, deploys aquatic food solutions that can reduce hunger and malnutrition at scale.


Our Value Proposition

Social Enterprise Platform

Global reports on nutrition and food security, and the thought leaders behind them, are increasingly pointing to the fact that disruption is needed to meet global food, nutrition, gender and poverty targets linked to the SDGs.


Social enterprises have been a model of choice to successfully lead disruption, open new markets, generate resources to fund shrinking budgets for frontier research, and co-develop and deploy market-oriented solutions at scale with efficiency and effectiveness.  The NutriFish1000 initiative and social enterprise platform was designed to fill this need. 

Value Proposition


Connect nutrition-sensitive fish agri-food research and solutions to market for environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable and scaled impact;



Maximize and crowd-in public and private finance for nutrition-sensitive fish agri-food research and development and deployment of solutions;



Engage global thought leaders, power brokers and decision-makers on learning journeys that change mindsets, create enabling policy, and unlock investment in support of nutrition-sensitive fish agri-food systems and deployment of solutions.



Invest in frontier research and development that enables solution deployment with a return of greater scale and impact; Deploy market-based solutions with private sector partners that enable revenue share (a financial return) used to further expand sustainable impact.



Unsettle conventual wisdom and status quo solutions with new evidence-based solutions; Correct the mismatch between demand for solutions and their supply; Create new markets via social marketing approaches.



Build a movement from a coalition of collaborative partners – public, private, civil society, citizens – that enables influence for exponential change.The cost of complacency is too high.  

Our Value Propositon

Guiding Principles

NutriFish1000’s guiding principles inform program design, partnership and resource mobilization, and all aspects of its operations. In carrying out its mission, NutriFish1000 focuses on designing and co-developing and deploying initiatives that are:


1. Sustainable and Climate Smart

NutriFish1000 advances climate-smart, sustainable solutions – environmentally, socially, financially – with the recognition that the invisible hand of market forces sometimes needs a helping hand.


2. Customized and Locally Driven

NutriFish1000 designs and supports implementation of solutions based on the unique needs, opportunities, and priorities of local citizens and stakeholders.


3. Inclusive

NutriFish1000 solutions reach underserved beneficiaries in both the formal and informal economies and foster trilateral partnerships among the public, private, and civil society sectors.


4.  Female-Focused

NutriFish1000 focuses cultivation and productivity solutions, nutrient rich food products, social marketing, information, training and capacity building services on women and youth. 


5. Ready for Replication and Scale

NutriFish1000 deploys replicable and scalable solutions for local, national, regional and global impact.  We seek to enable sustainable and scaled impact over the shortest period.


6. Science-based Innovation

NutriFish1000 develops new innovative solutions and approaches, following well-known and rigorous scientific methodologies to push boundaries further to accelerate impact at scale.


7. Measured Rigorously

NutriFish1000 deploys independent impact evaluations alongside its solutions including impact and cost-effectiveness analysis. 


These principles are not unique to NutriFish1000, but rather emerge from historical analysis of good practice, failures from past efforts across similar disciplines, and extensive consultations with thought leaders, practitioners, and citizen beneficiaries.   They also provide a foundation to experiment, test hunches and take risks – all which are needed to serve as an important catalyst for change.

Guiding Principles

Our Logo


The way we depict 1,000 (as in one thousand days) is perhaps different than expected - the final two digits joining and forming an infinity loop.  


The infinity loop represents infinite and unbounded possibilities for young people when they have a healthy start in life from adequate nutrition from marking the moment of conception “1” to marking the moment of birth “0”. 


The gap between “0” and “00” represents six critical months that a baby is best off when exclusively breastfed.  


The “00” as double zeros represent a crucial period in the life of the poor from 6 months to 2 years with the infinity loop suggesting that when young people pass this important threshold with adequate nutrition and good health, there are infinite possibilities for their lives.


The blue dot in the infinity loop represents a child (in fact all children) who are well nourished from within the womb and later, through childhood, adolescence, youth and adulthood – making their way in life as part of our blue planet. 


We shade seventeen colors into the shape of a fish, but not just any fish – micronutrient rich small fish.  “NutriFish” is enabling with each color in its creation representing each one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.


We believe there is a greater chance to meet SDG targets with NutriFish1000. With production and consumption of nutrient-rich fish agri-food solutions, there are infinite possibilities for life.

Our belief is simple, as is our story: health = wealth; adequate nutrition during the critical one thousand day window means infinite possibilities for mother and child, including lifetime wealth due to improved cognition and education. 

Our Logo

Theory of Change

The “theory of change” or program framework for NutriFish1000 is based on the premise that,


(a) no single organization by itself can meet the global ambition and targets set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals with respect to nutritional food security and health, and  


(b) it is only through collaboration and in partnership with others that a new trajectory of hope, opportunity and support will emerge to effectively combat malnutrition. 

Solutions are developed through collaboration with citizen beneficiaries and thought leaders and deployed via strategic partnerships with public, private, and civil society organizations. This approach improves the odds for undernourished women and children on a large scale. Collaboration and partnership are therefore at the core of the change premise.  


Enabling thought leadership, readily available and quality science and evidence, access to appropriate and innovative technology, and sustainable investment are vital for change.

Theory of change

Innovation & Inventions Along Value Chain


Ecosystem Preservation

  • Technique to sustainably capture wild NutriFish brood stock and grow out in fish farms;

  • Technology (eco-friendly net) to ensure wild-pond transfer is environmentally sustainable.


Breeding and Biotechnology

  • Our team of scientists at the first NutriFish1000 R&D Center of Excellence (India) have successfully figured out how to breed Mola for seed and commercial-scale application, a global first;

  • Our commercial hatchery feeding trials of Mola with zooplankton and other inputs underway.


Aquaculture (fish farming)

  • A local technique to prepare rural backyard/homestead pond such that wild brood stock supply remain available in ponds during the dry season is developed;

  • POC in multiple geographies prove that polyculture of Carp/Tilapia with NutriFish is scalable.


Post-Harvest and Processing

  • Technique and technology (eco net) to harvest NutriFish from backyard ponds, reducing post-harvest losses;

  • Development/Customization of ten nourishing food products such as chutney and powder (added to family foods) and child post-six month foods for greater consumption uptake and bioavailability.


Access, Consumption, Scale

  • Accreditation of key public and private hatcheries to effectively breed NutriFish and produce seed (i.e. fry) for greater scale and geographic diversity within a country and across many continents;

  • Licensing accredited organizations with use rights of innovative and patent-pending technology and techniques for effective breeding to ensure high quality standards;

  • Accreditation and licensing of private company partners to manufacture NutriFish1000 food-grade products to support greater access and consumption across markets;


Nutrition and Food Security

  • Disseminate research on the benefits of NutriFish1000 solutions locally via local and place based capacity building and training, nationally via social marketing products and via global thought leaders and influencers using growing evidence-base and M&E from interventions. In doing so, change mind set, co-create enabling policy, and drive investment for our food-based solution.

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