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Theory of Change

The “theory of change” or program framework for NutriFish1000 is based on the premise that,


(a) no single organization by itself can meet the global ambition and targets set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals with respect to nutritional food security and health, and  


(b) it is only through collaboration and in partnership with others that a new trajectory of hope, opportunity and support will emerge to effectively combat malnutrition. 

Solutions are developed through collaboration with citizen beneficiaries and thought leaders and deployed via strategic partnerships with public, private, and civil society organizations. This approach improves the odds for undernourished women and children on a large scale. Collaboration and partnership are therefore at the core of the change premise.  


Enabling thought leadership, readily available and quality science and evidence, access to appropriate and innovative technology, and sustainable investment are vital for change.


Innovation & Inventions Along Value Chain


Ecosystem Preservation

  • Technique to sustainably capture wild NutriFish brood stock and grow out in fish farms;

  • Technology (eco-friendly net) to ensure wild-pond transfer is environmentally sustainable.


Breeding and Biotechnology

  • Our team of scientists at the first NutriFish1000 R&D Center of Excellence (India) have successfully figured out how to breed Mola for seed and commercial-scale application, a global first;

  • Our commercial hatchery feeding trials of Mola with zooplankton and other inputs underway.



  • A local technique to prepare rural backyard/homestead pond such that wild brood stock supply remain available in ponds during the dry season is developed;

  • POC in multiple geographies prove that polyculture of Carp/Tilapia with NutriFish is scalable.

Post-Harvest and Processing

  • Technique and technology (eco net) to harvest NutriFish from backyard ponds, reducing post-harvest losses;

  • Development/Customization of ten nourishing food products such as chutney and powder (added to family foods) and child post-six month foods for greater consumption uptake and bioavailability.


Access, Consumption, Scale

  • Accreditation of key public and private hatcheries to effectively breed NutriFish and produce seed (i.e. fry) for greater scale and geographic diversity within a country and across many continents;

  • Licensing accredited organizations with use rights of innovative and patent-pending technology and techniques for effective breeding to ensure high quality standards;

  • Accreditation and licensing of private company partners to manufacture NutriFish1000 food-grade products to support greater access and consumption across markets;


Nutrition and Food Security

  • Disseminate research on the benefits of NutriFish1000 solutions locally via local and place based capacity building and training, nationally via social marketing products and via global thought leaders and influencers using growing evidence-base and M&E from interventions. In doing so, change mind set, co-create enabling policy, and drive investment for our food-based solution.

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